CAE Report generator is a program I started writing in my spare time to help Combat Arms EU users submit abuse reports to the Nexon EU forum. It has grown since it was initally released and now has a large number of features. Here is an overview:

It requires .NET Framework 4.6.

Latest version: v1.20


Version v1.20 released28.02.2016
Removed several old features such as the library, video editing and youtube uploading. Setup for the application has been dropped, single EXE in ZIP file download only available. Application was moved from old .NET 3.5 framework to 4.6.1.

Version v1.16 released25.03.2014
Forum posting should work once again

Version v1.15 released20.03.2014
Fixed name check failure

Version v1.14 released25.10.2013
Checking player names will not work, and empty reports should no longer be generated

Version v1.13 released12.10.2013
Release v1.13 ignores website error and allows report generation

Version v1.12 released18.05.2013
Release v1.12 resolves issue with failing IGN checks and forum posting.

Version v1.11 released22.11.2012
Since CombatArms-Rank is down, CAE Report Generator has moved to a new domain at www.sledgecatools.com. Release v1.11 fixes many issues reported by users.

Version v1.1 released25.06.2012.
It's been almost a year since last update. This release fixes issues caused by switching to new vBulletin forum.

Version v1.092 released7.7.2011.
New version was released to address recent changes in player profile web page.

Version v1.091 released16.2.2011.
- updated imageshack.us hosting provider
- updated forum authentication module

Version v1.09 released4.1.2011.
This release was prompted by bayimg.com's blocking of referring links from the forum. All other image hosting providers were checked and updated. Most notably, combatpics.de is back. Forum duplicate checking got a complete rework on the server side and should now provide a very accurate search.
- updated image hosting providers (added imgur.com [US], picfu.net [GERMANY], www.combatpics.de [GERMANY], removed bayimg.com [SWEDEN], www.imgbx.com [GERMANY], www.picatom.com [UKRAINE], updated www.imagebanana.com [FRANCE])
- default image provider changed to imgur.com
- fixed issues caused by spider/scorpion flags
- video editor can now properly encode videos captured with CA using "High Quality MPEG4" preset
- updated and improved forum duplicate checker
- minor bug fixes

Version v1.08 released9.9.2010.
It's been a while since last version was released. Here is an overview of changes in this release:
- Map auto-update module didn't work as expected (actually it didn't work at all -.-), so it was rewritten.
- Forum duplicate checker was fixed so it no longer hangs for 2 min without reponse.
- Combat Arms got an integrated video recorder, and so I've decide to include the necessary codec in the installation. This codec will allow you to watch those videos from any DirectShow or VFW player and allow Report Generator's video encoder to handle them properly. This only applies to non-MPEG4 recordings.
- In the last version (1.07) three image hosting providers were removed and no new were added, so in this version I added some new ones. These are bayimg.com [SWEDEN], www.imgbx.com [GERMANY], www.picatom.com [UKRAINE]. All of them are hosted in Europe to give you the best performance and fastest image uploading and viewing.
- Some users complained that www.directupload.net has a lot of popups and even viruses, so it is no longer used as a default provider. New default provider is bayimg.com which has absolutely no ads or popups on site.
- Virtual Dub was updated to v1.9.10 and some minor tweaks were done to the video encoder

Version v1.07 released25.6.2010.
- forum login methods were updated to allow authentication while Nexon password change policy is in effect
- Virtual Dub was updated to v1.9.9
- when browsing for images, multiple files can now be selected
- imagehosting list was checked and updated (xs.to is down - disabled, tinypic has captcha - disabled, combatpics is down - disabled, imageshack changed api - fixed). So now there are three functional image hosters available. I will put some more if needed in a later release.
- warning messages have been added when generating single screenshot reports, video only reports, and harrasment reports.
- minor bug fixes and internal tweaks

Version v1.06 released10.5.2010.
- this is primarily a maintenance release with little changes
- new offence types were added (Powerleveling, Scammer, Account Selling, Bug Abuse) to reflect often used offences on the forums
- since CA Rank "Wall of Shame" development was shelved some time ago, it's support has been completely removed
- some minor video encoder tweaks were done
- map list is now automatically updated after each patch. The data itself is grabbed from CA NA since they have a map list available in plain text on their web site. The program assumes that a new map may be introduced every first Wednesday of the month.

Version v1.05 released27.1.2010.
- Nexon changed their forum login screen, so it broke the program's login methods. It was fixed so forum submitting and checking for duplicates works.
- video encoder scripts are now created in a temporary folder.
- video encoder now supports HD resolutions 720p and 1080p. Those are available only if the input video's resolution is widescreen and high enough. By default the encoder suggests to encode in 720p or next best available. The video bitrate parameter is automatically set when you select a resolution (video size) to give you best video quality.
- some small bugs were fixed.

Version v1.04 released19.1.2010.
- some users complained about imagesforme and funkimg hosting providers, so they were removed and some new were added (there are five now). Screenshot uploads can now be canceled and have a nifty little progress bar :)
- your settings can now also be reused from previous versions, so you don't have to setup the application from scratch when a new version is released. Also the startup crash that can happen on Vista or Win7 has been patched.
- there were a lot of duplicate reports generated on the forum, so to put a stop to it, I've implemented a new advanced duplicate checker. Now if duplicates are found, you can preview them and choose to reply to a selected topic, post a new topic, or abort the submission.
- there were many GUI tweaks and fixes, and VirtualDub was upgraded to v1.9.8.
- I've decided to implement taskbar progress animation when images/videos are uploading or are being encoded. This way you can be aware of the progress without having to keep the window visible, and helps you keep track for those time consuming operations. This feature is available only on Windows 7. The program now requires .NET Framework v3.5 to be installed.
- v1.04 had a bug when converting images to JPG before upload, it was fixed in v1.041.

Version v1.03 released15.12.2009.
- since many users asked me about merging AVI files, I've decided to implement merging while still maintaining the easy to use interface. Now, by default, when you load an AVI file that is a segment from a FRAPS capture, the program will detect this and automatically load all the segments in the proper order so you can edit them as a single video file. It doesn't matter which segment you load or if you moved or renamed them - it will work as long as all the segments are stored in the same folder. This behavior can be disabled in the Options.
- new map was added and some bugs fixed (thanks to all who reported them)

Version v1.02 released23.11.2009.
- well since MEncoder was not very good at FPS conversion, it was ditched and the new version is using VirtualDub for the encoding. Unfortunately this means that you need to install some VFW codecs. Don't worry I've also created an installer which does this for you. I you don't like installers (some people don't), you can can always download the ZIP archive and manually setup the application.
- dvil (owner of www.combatarms-rank.com) is currently working on a wall of shame and we managed to combine our efforts, so now the reporter can also submit reports to your personal wall of shame. It's still in development, but it should be functional soon.
- bernd78 (owner of www.cagame.de) was kind enough to offer his www.combatpics.de web site as an image hosting provider. So, now you can upload your screenshots there if you like.
- some bugs were fixed along with better support for Windows XP.
- v1.02 has a bug with trimming videos, it was fixed in v1.021